About Us

florida_professional_forms_dianaDiana Sabando Cevallos graduated with two Degrees in Litigation & Transactional Paralegal from Valencia College. Mrs. Sabando-Cevallos has over 6 years of experience as a Paralegal. Mrs. Sabando-Cevallos has worked for very reputable law firms in the Orlando community, assisting in family law, immigration, and personal injury cases. Mrs. Sabando-Cevallos has now undertaken the challenging task of opening her own business to give more to the community by providing excellent and affordable paralegal services. Mrs. Sabando-Cevallos and her company, Florida Professional Forms LLC., serve as form preparers and assist the public completing Supreme Court Forms for those seeking self representation in many different types of law matters.

Mrs. Sabando-Cevallos and Florida Professional Forms LLC are also providing paralegal services for those attorneys who are in need of assistance with temporary assignments or with case-by-case basis, in the areas of family law and immigration.